Alan Anaya

iOS Mobile Developer at Globant

Expert in React, Swift, and Kotlin, crafting accessible web and mobile applications with a focus on usability.


Back in 2014, I began my journey into iOS development and was quickly hooked by the endless possibilities of coding and mobile app development. Today, I'm proud to have worked on a variety of software projects, started with hobby projects to a tech startup, and finally in a multinational technology and consulting company.

My current role at Globant is centered around building top-notch mobile applications and spearheading projects for our esteemed clients. In addition to my professional work, I've also published an article about the creation of an Xcode extension using ChatGPT, sharing my knowledge and expertise with the wider tech community.

Away from the computer, I spend time reinventing myself by practicing football, listening to music, and indulging my love for coffee in cozy coffee places to clear out my mind and find inspiration. I have a passion for technology and continuously strive to enhance my skills and stay abreast of the latest trends in iOS development.